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By clearing away the remnants of the past, a prairie fire sparks new growth. This same principle applies to your financial priorities.


By clearing away the remnants of the past, a prairie fire sparks new growth.

This same principle applies to your financial priorities. Often your most deeply held aspirations and values – the ones that should be driving your financial plans and strategies – are clouded by the complexity of everyday life.

Often your most deeply held aspirations and values - the ones that should be driving your financial plans and strategies - are clouded by the complexity of everyday life.

By stripping away the old beliefs and preconceptions that build up over time, you can focus on goals that matter with a clear sense of purpose. This is the basis of our approach to wealth management.

After many years in the financial services industry, we’ve found that client successes come from uncovering your most essential goals, and pursuing them through a structured and actively managed financial strategy.

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"Our process strives to fuse money and meaning. As you get your child ready to launch it is imperative that you consider how YOUR life will change as well. We can help!"

Matt C. Meline CFP®
Founder and CEO

What We Believe

Money and meaning is a powerful combination.

It’s about attaching a deeper significance to financial decisions and applying financial resources to the goals that matter to you. This is how you achieve meaningful growth.

Assumptions are limiting.

We routinely help clients reach goals they used to see as impossible. You don’t know what you can achieve until you clear away all your assumptions.

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Financial guidance can be fun.

Too often financial advice is formal and overly technical. We work to provide a warm and open environment where the focus is on making progress toward clear goals.

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Advice should have no strings attached.

There are endless places you can turn to for information. If you’re looking for advice specifically for you, it should be conflict-free and unquestionably in your best interest.

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Everyone can benefit from a plan.

Progress without planning is unlikely. There is a path to every goal, but it takes discipline to find it, follow it and stay on track. Schedule your complimentary 15-minute call today.

Matt Meline, PrairieFire Founder and CEO
Our Founder
Matt C. Meline, CFP®
Founder and CEO
Matt founded PrairieFire in 2019 on the belief that financial planning and unbiased advice can only come from an independent, conflict-free team. For the last 21 years Matt has been striving to be a trusted resource, coach and partner to his clients and friends. Delivering on the promise to proactively defend his client’s interests is his daily aspiration.

During a period of transition in his life, Matt completed a unique program aimed at rediscovering core values. Transitioning the planning focus onto a client’s life, not just their money, is how he aspires to improve both returns on investments and returns on “life.” Building the components to help families prepare for children leaving the nest, building an exciting empty nest lifestyle along with a second half of life financial plan is where PFW does its best work.

Matt loves the community of Des Moines. After relocating here in his high school years from Omaha he graduated from Lincoln High School on Des Moines’ south side. Following graduation from the University of Northern Iowa he traversed the Midwest primarily as a senior manager for various banking organizations. He decided to leap from the safety of that career and became a full time financial planner in the mid 1990’s.

The Greater Des Moines YMCA is an organization Matt is passionate about. He currently serves as the Board Chairman for the Executive Board. Their focus on wellness, youth engagement and aquatic safety are integral to our community!

  • Ingersoll Business Association and co-founder of the West Side Chamber of Commerce

  • Downtown Chamber of Commerce

  • Joppa Homeless Outreach

  • Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute Graduate

  • Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute 2006-2007 graduate and board alumni chair

  • Forty Under Forty Business Leader*

His focus on improving the community has included leadership roles in the following organizations:

Matt, and his wife Lisa, have raised four children that are now living their dream lives in Chicago, Denver, graduate school in Rhode Island and graduate school in Ames, Iowa. Yes, they put four kids through college, so they speak from experience (not all of it good!)

*Source: Des Moines Business Record, “40 Under 40”, 2007. The award is based upon a recipient’s application and not upon any qualitative and quantitative criteria relating specifically to one’s position as a Financial Advisor. As such the award is not representative of any client’s experience nor is it indicative of the Financial Advisor’s future performance. A panel of judges reviews the applications which include, among other things, community service, professional goals and leadership. The Houston Business Journal does not accept a fee in exchange for the rating.

“The prairie fire principle comes from my own personal experience of shedding an old mindset in order to cultivate a more fulfilling one. It’s a process that I believe is missing from the conventional approach to financial advice, and it’s become my driving focus to introduce it to the benefit of my clients.”

Matt C. Meline CFP®
Founder and CEO

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