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Life Planning<br/>

Life Planning

The first step to intentionally improve your freedom is to understand your perspectives on money. Your view on money is a culmination of philosophies adopted over time. We call this a fiscal philosophy or fiscalosophy. Assessing your fiscalosophy helps you achieve a better understanding of how you feel about eight important financial areas and your current comfort level in those areas.‍

The biggest financial mistake people make is not aligning their money with their values. This leads people to feel trapped and unhappy in a seemingly never ending cycle. Then, when changes do arise, people bend the knee to societal pressures. Step two of financial life planning helps figure out what YOU value rather than what those around you value.

In order to protect your newfound financial well-being, we need to prepare for key life transitions. Our motto is to prepare rather than repair. So, the third step is to sit down, look into the future, and intentionally prepare for life’s transitions - we do this by creating a Financial Lifeline. Preparing for life's transitions not only consists of managing your investments, but also your lifetime returns while navigating transitions.

The challenge of using the money you have to live a value driven, freedom filled life starts with evaluating your past perspectives, present values and future outlook.

  • What was money like growing up?
  • If you already had all the money you ever wanted, what would you do differently?
  • If you were to look back on your life today, what do you want to have accomplished?


Financial Planning<br/>

Financial Planning

Life is full of events. Some are big and some are small. All of them are important. The lifestyle you choose to live will determine the outcome of each of those events. One of the most underrated skills is the ability to plan well. If you create your own forecast, then you know what kind of weather is coming.

Each life event has a unique planning style, so we encourage you to reach out by scheduling a call. We help you create a plan based on your unique situation. Getting your financial house in order is rewarded with a lifestyle that brings the most freedom, however you define it.

Once you have laid out important, upcoming events, then we can begin to look at what components are needed to build a strategic plan that can be advised on over time. Your families financials are an important part of this equation so having all of this information in one place helps. We provide tools so you can stay up to date on your financial situation and not have to worry about where you last left your tax returns!

Financial planning is critical to helping set and reach goals around retirement, college, and charitable planning. We specialize in helping future empty nesters with college planning.

  • What factors do you consider when making financial decisions?
  • What made you choose your career path?
  • How will you know when you have enough?


Ongoing Support<br/>

Ongoing Support

At PrairieFire, we pride ourselves on our ability to form personal relationships with our clients, and in doing this, we create strategies that will enable our clients to live a life of freedom. In contrast, the big firms only care about their bottom line. To them, it is about landing as many clients as possible and in result, clients do not receive the personal experience they deserve.

Those that work with big firms do not have the option to customize a portfolio that matches their exact needs. Clients get assigned cookie cutter portfolios that utilize passive investing strategies in order to free up advisors time to bring in more clients. But the market is always changing - in the next 10 years, passive investing will not work.

Instead, we adapt by closely monitoring the market and making changes based on each individual clients needs. We are able to do this by introducing each new client to our Creative Investing strategy.

The foundation of financial advice includes everything from asset allocation to insurance to cash flow. No matter what your needs are, we will create and implement a personalized strategy.

  • How do you feel about investment risk?
  • Do you enjoy picking your own investments?
  • How is your money helping you reach your goals?

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