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Freedom Planning™

Freedom Planning™ is focused on understanding your life in a way that helps better plan for transitions and change.

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Step 1

Your Perspectives on Money

The first step to intentionally improve your freedom is to understand your perspectives on money.

Your view on money is a culmination of philosophies adopted over time. We call this a fiscal philosophy or fiscalosophy.

Assessing your fiscalosophy helps you achieve a better understanding of how you feel about eight important financial areas and your current comfort level in those areas.

It is a way of answering the question, "How did I arrive at my perspectives on money?"

The challenge of using the money you have to live a value driven, freedom filled life starts with understanding how your past is affecting your current financial situation.

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The Shift to Freedom

The biggest mistake people make is not aligning their money with their values. This leads people to feel trapped and unhappy in a seemingly never ending cycle.

Then, when changes do arise, people bend the knee to societal pressures. Freedom Planning™ helps figure out what YOU value rather than what those around you value.

So, the question is changing from, “Do I have enough money?” → “Am I managing my money in a way that is improving MY life?”

Step one is about understanding who you are as a person. Step two digs into how to improve your life financially.

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Step 3

Prepare for Life’s Transitions

Did you know that the most harm is done to people's financial well-being because they are NOT prepared for key life transitions?

We know that it is far better to prepare rather than repair.

So, the third step to freedom is to sit down, look into the future, and intentionally prepare for life’s transitions.

We do this by creating a Financial Lifeline. The Financial Lifeline answers the question, "Are you financially prepared for life’s transitions?”

Preparing for life's transitions not only consists of managing your investments, but also your lifetime returns while navigating transitions.

How do you define freedom?
We can help you get there.

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