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Empty Nest Planning

Two futures need to be understood - your child's journey to independence and your journey to a new, exciting chapter of empty nest living.

Step 1

Embrace, yet manage your child's independence

Step 2

Help your child build a financial foundation

The Discovery Process

We believe that self discovery is a priority.

Understanding and learning from your past is the first step to an exciting future. Often your most deeply held aspirations and values - the ones that should be driving your future plans - are clouded by the complexity of everyday life.

Now that part of that complexity is out living their own lives, you can begin to evaluate what beliefs and preconceptions have built up in yours over time. Coming to terms and understanding what has driven your decision making process over the years can open up financial possibilities that you have never thought of before.

PrairieFire is built around this very idea - by clearing away the remnants of the past, a prairie fire sparks new growth.

Define Meaningful Money Goals

By discovering your true self, you can now begin to plan out your exciting new future.

Family is the reason you are here and family is why you will continue to take life head on. Some empty nesters will choose to devote extra time to work or change jobs completely.

Our founder and CEO, Matt Meline, at age 52 quit his corporate job and started PrairieFire Wealth Planning. He fulfilled a lifelong dream and has not looked back!

Owning your own business or changing jobs can be financially complex so knowing the ins and outs is something we help with.

Knowing what kind of lifestyle you want to live in the future will help determine how you get there. Again, we can help!

Step 3

Reconstruct your financial foundation

Step 4

Handle college collegially

Step 5

Imagine life with a little bit of you back in it!

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more?

Come to the table prepared and ready to get the best value for you and your student with a college pre-approval. Similar to purchasing a home, we can evaluate the amount that fits your family's current financial situation. From there we can find a school that fits your budget and your child's future.

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