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Creative Investing

We build portfolios that fit for our clients - independent, no conflicts of interest and consistently managed.

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At PrairieFire, we work tirelessly to form personal relationships with our clients. Armed with the deeper understanding, we create strategies that will enable our clients to live the lifestyle of their dreams.

Typically, the large Wall Street banks will abbreviate their process and offer an impersonal, model based investment mix. Hidden fees, poor tax management and lack of transparency are common characteristics.

Our Founder and CEO, Matt Meline, left a big Wall Street bank and formed PrairieFire because he believed his clients and friends deserved better.

The market are always changing and investors need to be prepared for a range of outcomes.

At PrairieFire, we adapt by closely monitoring the market cycles and adjusting, not based on market timing, but our clients' individual needs.

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PrairieFire's Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Your Kids to Leave the Nest

Our three-part, core strategy includes:

Here are some examples of our current client portfolios as to what you can expect:

40 Years Old

  • 40% Risk Philosophy
  • 40% Stage of Life
  • 20% Creative Solutions

50 Years Old

  • 25% Risk Philosophy
  • 40% Stage of Life
  • 35% Creative Solutions

60 Years Old

  • 60% Risk Philosophy
  • 30% Stage of Life
  • 10% Creative Solutions
Phase 1

Risk Philosophy

“Risk” is a personal issue.  We try to flesh out your personal philosophies on a number of financial issues including the stock market, saving and investing.  In a clear, visual manner we will find a risk number that fits for your investing preferences.We then contrast your existing investments to that preference.

Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty nest syndrome is not a clinical diagnosis but a phenomenon in which parents experience feelings of sadness and loss when the last child leaves home. Some other feelings may include worry for your children’s safety, and whether they can take care of themselves.

The thing to keep in mind is that these are all valid emotions. Parents love their children and vice versa. Raising a family is one of the most profound experiences when you look at the big picture. Parents do the best they can and their children soak up as much as possible so both parties can become truly independent.

Which brings us to the good news: for the first time in 18 or so years, you have a house to yourselves and some extra openings in your schedule. This means that even though your children won’t be a part of your daily lives anymore, you and your spouse now have the opportunity to devote time to your marriage, personal interests that haven taken a backseat, or seek support from a community that’s in the same boat.

We have created an empty nesters Facebook group that gives parents the opportunity to share their experience and what they are doing to stay positive. Each empty nest situation is different in its own ways, but those that have gone through these empty nest phases are now living meaningful and financially secure lives.

Phase 2

Stage of Life

When life changes, money moves.  Getting ahead of future transitions like starting an empty nest, weddings, grandchildren, relocating, career changes and retirement is vital.  Proactively defending our clients against unforeseen changes is a core function of PrairieFire’s work.

Phase 3

Creative Solutions

We then build a portfolio that fits all that we have learned from you, about you.  The solutions we offer apply fundamental research combined with technical research including relative strength.  As an independent firm we are able to offer a suite of investments that do not have proprietary ties or “pay-to-play” big firm conflicts of interest.

Role 1:


Role 2:


Role 3:


Alternative Investments

Buy and Hedge

Private Equity

Structured Notes

Private Lending

1031 Exchange Funds

Hedge Funds

Private Real Estate

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